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Examples of Proposal Projects
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State of North Carolina Superconducting Super Collider Site Proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy: Wrote several sections, coordinated and reviewed contributions from state agencies, edited and formatted the entire proposal, verified responsiveness to ISP requirements, evaluated and incorporated review comments, and supervised production. One of 43 proposals evaluated by the National Academies of Science and Engineering, it won North Carolina’s site a spot among the seven finalists. A member of the National Academies review panel called it “the best proposal for anything” he had ever seen.

CDC National AIDS Hotline and CDC National Sexually Transmitted Disease Hotline Contract Proposals: Evaluated the RFP, created the technical proposal outline, advised the client on hotline organizational structure, wrote several proposal sections, edited the technical proposal, verified responsiveness to RFP requirements, evaluated and incorporated review comments, and coordinated production. Both of these proposals were successful rebids; one was for transition from operation under grant funding to operation on a contract basis.

National Telecommunications and Information Administration Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program Grant Proposal: Edited (reorganized and rewrote) the project narrative to fit a tight page limit, formatted the proposal, produced camera-ready copy, and coordinated assembly of the proposal package. This proposal was successful in a highly competitive field in the first year of this high-profile grant program — only 8% of proposed projects were funded.

U.S. EPA and U.S. Air Force Health Effects Research Contract Proposals: Wrote several proposal sections, edited the technical proposal (several hundred pages), and coordinated production. One of these proposals was a successful rebid for the client’s largest contract, and the other succeeded in displacing an incumbent contractor.

CDC National Prevention Information Network Contract Proposal: Consulted on proposal strategy, created the technical proposal outline, edited the technical proposal, wrote introductions and transitions, verified responsiveness to RFP requirements, and evaluated and incorporated review comments. This successful proposal displaced the incumbent contractor of the predecessor service (the CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse).

North Carolina Writers’ Network Grant Proposal to Glaxo: While serving on the Network’s Board of Directors, collaborated in writing a proposal to create the Center for Business and Technical Writing; participated in meetings with Glaxo to discuss the proposed project; and edited, designed, produced, and submitted the proposal. The resulting three-year, $90,000 award enabled establishment of the Center and publication of the Center’s workbook, Writing Skills for Business Professionals (also co-written, edited, designed, and produced by Dr. Dakin).

Choral Society of Durham Grant Proposal to the North Carolina Arts Council. While serving on the Society’s Board of Governors, wrote a proposal to the state arts council for a New Works grant for commissioning of a work for chorus and orchestra to commemorate the Society’s 50th anniversary. Planned and wrote the entire proposal, including the budget; evaluated and incorporated review comments; completed the application forms; and delivered the proposal. This proposal won the Choral Society’s first-ever grant from an agency above the local level.

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