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Examples of Notetaking Projects
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EPA ECAO Peer Review Workshops: Served as rapporteur for several two- to four-day workshops to review drafts of U.S. EPA Criteria and Health Assessment Update documents. For each workshop, read the draft document in advance; took detailed notes of the panel discussion. Working from these notes and written comments from panelists, wrote a report summarizing the panel’s discussion and recommendations.

In the reports, panelists were identified, and their comments were reported as indirect discourse, with repetition and digression eliminated. To facilitate summarization, the reports were organized by topic, rather than strict chronological order of the discussion. Points on which there was general agreement were indicated.

Workshop on Chronic Inhalation Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Testing of Respirable Fibrous Particles: Served as rapporteur for the three-day workshop, sponsored by the U.S. EPA in collaboration with NIEHS, NIOSH, and OSHA. Prepared by reading the Issue Paper for the workshop discussion; took detailed notes of the panel discussion. Working from these notes, copies of panelists’ visual aids, and flip-chart notes made by the moderators, wrote a report consisting of an introduction to the issues and a summary of the discussions.

Atlanta Conference on the Superconducting Supercollider: As official notetaker for the three-day conference, was assigned to write summaries of 25 talks on theoretical and experimental high-energy physics, including a speech by Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg, for publication by the SSC Laboratory. Prepared by reading review articles on high-energy physics and particle accelerator and detector design; took notes during the talks. Working from these notes, copies of presenters’ visual aids, and audiotapes of the talks, wrote half-page summaries of the talks and a five-page summary of Dr. Weinberg’s speech. All presenters approved the draft summaries with no or only minor revisions.

Meetings of the North Carolina Commission on the Superconducting Super Collider: While serving as Deputy Director of the N.C. SSC Project, took the official minutes of the meetings of the commission appointed by the governor to consider and address public concerns about the proposed siting of the SSC in North Carolina. The commissioners included both supporters and opponents of the project; several were local government officials from the affected counties. Working from audiotapes and notes, wrote the minutes, summarizing individual commissioners’ comments on each issue, as well as decisions made by the commission. Circulated drafts of the minutes to all commissioners; all minutes were accepted without any revisions, despite the contentious atmosphere surrounding the project.

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